This year Goochland Troop 710 celebrated its 100th Eagle Scout. To commemorate this momentous occasion the troop invited all of the past Eagles to renew the pledge that is recited during an Eagle Court of Honor. Twenty-nine Eagles we able to attend. Scouts shared pictures and stories from their scouting experience. Buck Berryhill, the Pack and Troop’s first Cub/Scoutmaster from the early 1980’s, sent some words of affirmation and encouragement to those in attendance stating, “The learning lessons that you get as a scout, you can’t get them anywhere else. Here is a person, with high intelligence, that is able to stay with something, at a young age and complete everything that is required of them. Once you become an Eagle, it stays with you all your life. Congratulations to all of you, 100 Eagle Scouts!”

Here are a few of the audio clips taken while interviewing Mr. Berryhill:

Click this link for the PDF of the photo slideshow that was displayed during dinner.

Click this link for the PDF of the Court of Honor slideshow.

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