Twice a year, the Goochland BSA Troop 710 scouting team comes together at the Brady Saunders camp to slow cook pork loins (butts & loins in the spring) over hickory coals. The pictures above show smokers heating up, coals being made, butts just placed, internal loin temperature being checked, loins being cooled, and loins being cut and wrapped. Full loins from the butcher are cut in half, giving a post cook weight of around 5 pounds. Butts are heavier due to bone and fat.

Throughout the night, adults help the eldest scouts manage the younger scouts, coal making, smoker temperature management (through a constant addition of careful coal shovels), meat preparation, and meat wrapping. Meat is placed, turned, temperature checked, and cut by adults. Bleach, water, and clean food preparation gloves make for a clean workspace and safe final product. The meat is wrapped generously in foil, perfect for freezing or reheating. Loins are great as a sliced entree with gravy/sauce or as a thin sliced smoky sandwich meat. The butts fall apart easy with two forks, ready for adding your preferred sauce.

This website is for information only. Pork must be ordered with a scout in order to coordinate payment and delivery.
Please contact if you need to track down a scout.


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